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A Leglock Safety Primer

The video above is a primer I like to give before all of my beginner leg lock classes/seminars. I have found that since I have added these conversations and simple mindset changes to my classes, injuries are way down. Further, a lot of people who previously would never have tried leg locks or saw them as a dirty trick are starting to come around. I think that knowledge is power. If we all educate ourselves about these techniques we can all train together and grow Jiu Jitsu in a positive way without injuring each other or having unfortunate miscommunications and bad feelings. I hope you enjoy.

If you are at work or a place without sound below are the subtitles from the video. Turn on the subtitles. I took the time to fix all the ridiculous things that the voice recognizer auttocorrected leglocks and heel hooks into. Much love guys.


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