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How to Get the Most Out of a BJJ Camp

I have been to many types of Jiu Jitsu camps. There is a whole spectrum from serious to super laid back and everything in between. I will talk about two camps I went to back to back in summer 2018. Balaton Summer Camp was serious and had the feeling like everyone was training hard to become a World Champion. The camp is put on by Max Carvalho a highly decorated competitor and though it is a ZR Team camp it is open to all affiliations. There were three sessions a day, with the first two mainly taught by Ze Radiola and Felipe Andrew with some other blackbelts leading warm ups or teaching the beginners side of the room. Each evening the night session was special consisting capoeira, yoga, and partner stretching or open mat for the BJJ purists. Every session had good instruction and hard rolls. Most people tried to get to all the sessions. In the middle there were fun activities like soccer and swimming in the lake, but I skipped them as I was focusing on training hard when I attended this camp. The last night of camp was belt promotions followed by an informal night out that saw lots of small groups taking to the town. I entered camp at 86 kg / 190 lb and left at 80kg / 176 lb. My schedule was train eat sleep repeat for 3x a day. The weight loss wasn't on purpose but the training was hard and I had a blast being pushed at every class.

BJJ Globetrotters Heidelberg Camp was part training and part crazy party. This camp is put on by Christian Graugart author of The BJJ Globetrotter and is also open to any and everyone interested in attending. The days started early with morning yoga by Yogi Jack ( I made it once) followed by a different instructor was teaching every hour all day and open mats interspersed. With so many great instructors it's hard for me to choose whose class to share so I will just link to the globetrotters in action page from the camp. Open mats all had a different music theme with the last one DJ'd by Christian including original tracks. Going to every class and open mat was next to impossible especially if you also went out at night. On top of all this there were off the mat classes where instructors shared classes on the mental side of things such as Mario's how to drill or Christian's Create Something. This gave the camp a very a la carte feel with everyone choosing their own adventure with which classes and parties they went to. Some went to every class and went to bed early. Others just went to the open mats and didn't miss a moment of the party. I was an instructor at this camp for the first time and I wanted to make a good first impression so I didn't party too hard until after I had taught them. There was karaoke, dungeons and dragons, a screening of Bloodsport, open bar open mat, and a wedding of all things. Definitely a unique experience.

Both camps had a lot of great information and rolls. At both camps I made new friends and ended up visiting their gyms or having them visit me. However, at both camps at some point both had me feeling physically tired or mentally full. Here are some tips to get the most out of camp and reduce your chance of being overwhelmed.

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